IMG_20161221_222157_971One of our favourite venues in the city, Colonial focuses on delivering delicious cocktails with interesting presentation. The same owner also has the restaurant behind, “Osteria”, which is also absolutely wonderful! Food is not available at the Colonial. We love that they have a large range of high quality liquors including many not found in other bars in Tirana!

Certainly, the cocktails are the highlight here. You can enjoy all the traditional favourites, as well as the house specialties. Only the finest ingredients are used to create the best tasting drink possible. Their vast collection of serving glasses range from gorgeous chalices to weird and wacky things like rubbish bins, ensuring the presentation always keeps you entertained. We really love their presentation of the Moscow Mule, which we have nicknamed the ‘Fruit Salad’, as well as the Between The Sheets cocktail, though usually we request a specialty from the lovely Bartenders based on our individual tastes. Most cocktails cost 500-600 lek (€3-4).


Well-staffed, the Colonial always has someone able and willing to assist you. Hostesses will seat you, waiters will take your order and bring you your drinks and the numerous bartenders will ensure your order is prepared quickly despite the large number of patrons. Always service is with a smile and bartenders are happy to suggest and create things to your personal tastes.

A hugely popular establishment and certainly not a well-kept secret, the Colonial is an excellent destination to check out on your trip to Tirana or for locals to enjoy an evening out with loved ones or friends. You may wish to reserve a table, especially if your visit will fall on a Friday or Saturday evening, or be aware that you may be required the wait. Seating includes an outdoor veranda, as well as tables inside and bar-side options.

How many forks given?IMG_20170104_221132_864

Food   ——    N/A

Drink ——     5 / 5

Ambience —   5 / 5

Value ——-   4 / 5

Staff ——–   5 / 5

TOTAL – We give #5Forks about you, Colonial!



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