Top 5 Burgers in Tirana!

Burgers have taken Tirana by storm over the past few years, just as they have taken over the rest of the world. Their versatility of ingredients and easy-to-eat functionality makes them a popular choice no matter where you travel.

The burger craze here does have roots in local, traditional cuisine, with ‘pleskavica’ being a similar concept – a ground meat patty with herbs and spices, sometimes stuffed with cheese. Bread is always heavily featured on any Albanian table, too, so it should be unsurprising that at some point in time, someone decided to put the meat between two pieces of bread and, ta-dah, the Albanian burger was born.

With so many options to choose from, it can be overwhelming to figure out where to go to get a good quality burger in Tirana. Never fear – I have eaten nearly every possibility just so I can bring you this list of top 5 burgers in Tirana!

Last Supper

5. Last Supper

This gastropub offers a selection of burgers, bruschettas, salads, pastas and pizzas making them very on trend. They host regular events such as karaoke, stand up comedy and trivia nights, all rare finds here in Tirana. Their fast and efficient delivery service makes them an even more popular choice!

Top Recommendation: O Jesus Burger – ‘a veal meat patty with egg, avocado, bacon, lettuce, tomato and pickles’ (670 leke)


4. Artigiano

It can be hard to find a good vegetarian option in Tirana, as the cuisine so heavily focusses on meat, meat and more meat. This restaurant has a number of great options vegetarians and carnivorous folk alike. The menu is varied and there are a number of burger options to choose from, but I have to say the vegetarian burger is, hands down, the best in Tirana.

Top Recommendation: Vegetarian Burger – ‘Chickpea felafel patty with herbs and spices, grilled vegetables and mushrooms in a sesame seed bun’ (520 leke)



3. HaBurger

This super cool, modern, hipster burger bar has got the concept right. They pump awesome tunes, offer nice cold beers and good vibes while churning out masses of great tasting, great value burgers Their menu offers something for everyone and even a breakfast burger! This place could be straight out of New York – a must try!

Top Recommendation: Ha Burger I Shtepise – ‘Homemade meat patty (120g) with cheese, pickles, red onion, lettuce and tomatoes, drizzles with special homemade sauce in a homemade bun’ (300 leke)

Duff Bar

2. Duff Bar

This American inspired sports bar really knows their stuff when it comes to burgers as the owners have spent time researching in the US of A. With both American Sports and European football popular forms of entertainment here, even when there are no matches you can entertain yourself with the Beer Pong tables or just by looking at the collection of memorabilia inside. Burgers for all tastes, with Thursday Night Burger Night offering an extended menu for serious burger enthusiasts.

Top Recommendation: Krusty Bacon Burger – ‘Crispy bacon on top of 170g lean meat with gouda cheese, grilled onion and Duff special sauce’ (470 leke)


1. Rixhi’s

Though this place is casual and relaxed, it can’t help but ooze an ‘upper class’ vibe thanks to its excellent service and incredible presentation. The menu offers a considerably large selection of both burgers and pizzas along with some other options. Featuring some rarer options, such as a lamb burger and a salmon burger, alongside your more traditional style burgers, this particular place offers burgers for any budget.

Top Recommendation: Pulled Pork Burger – ‘200g of fresh pork marinated in beer, cola and barbecue sauce, scamorza cheese, lettuce and red onion’ (550 leke)

Thus concludes my top 5 recommendations for burgers in Tirana! Have you tried all the burgers on this list? Let me know what you think! Have I missed your favourite burger? Let me know any suggestions of what burgers I should try next. Happy eating! Xx

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