3 MORE Amazing Albanian Food Blogs!

If you’ve already tried nearly all the recipes from my previous post, “3 Awesome Albanian Food Blogs You Should Follow!”, never fear! I have more amazing Albanian food bloggers who deserve your following. Check out these incredible recipe blogs by talented Albanians for more at home #FoodInspo! Note: these blogs all feature recipes in Albanian language.

  1. Papare

Photo courtesy @Papare_thebeautyofsmallthings

Prepare to be hungry when visiting Papare’s InstaGram, because let me tell you the huge range of tasty delights that will greet your eyes will have your mouth watering. This InstaBlog belongs to the lovely TV Presenter and Cooking Editor for Tring’s MyLiving and Living magazine.

You can find absolutely all kinds of incredible recipes here, from appetizers to mains to desserts, there’s something for every taste and every level of cooking skill.

Some of my favourites include these chickpea fritters, this pasta bake with broccoli and this good ol’ Aussie favourite for dessert, pavlova!

Oh, and with the winter on its way, be sure to check out the numerous delectable soup recipes, too!

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/papare_thebeautyofsmallthings/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thebeautyofsmallthings/


  1. Veganeps

Photo courtesy @Veganeps

There isn’t a lot of content out there for the rare breed that is the Albanian Vegan, but this blog has got you covered. Featuring excellent vegan recipes from all around the world translated into Albanian, this constitutes as one of the best resources out there for those who value animals as friends, not food.

Some of my favourite featured recipes include this awesome traditional Albanian dish, spinach ‘pispili’, these incredible vegan bean burgers and these absolutely incredible bake-free Raspberry Brownies, uahhhh YUMMMMM!!!!!

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/veganeps/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/VEGANeps-Neps-Vegan-195849194477261/


  1. Recipes for Omer and Amir

Photo courtesy @recetate_omerit_amirit

For all you yummy mummies and delish daddies out there, this great recipe blog offers great ideas for the whole family. Y’all surely know how difficult it can be to get those kids to eat, especially anything healthy, but you’ll find a large range of options specifically catered to kids, even babies!

These recipes encourage getting the whole family involved in the food-preparation process and delivering dishes to the table in a fun and fantastic way to make meal-times just that little bit more entertaining.

Take a look at this delectable porridge full of healthy ingredients that the kids will LOVE, peruse some ideas like this that help to make lunchtime more fun and don’t forget to make these incredible no-bake chocolate biscuit brownies for an after-meal treat!

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/recetate_omerit_amirit/


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