Aloa Poke

When you eat meal after meal after meal of Albanian food, you can often find yourself craving something light, but filling that won’t leave you feeling heavy – and with a healthy portion of veggies! It was in one of these moments that a friend and I headed to Aloa Poke, in need of something different to divulge on than what’s offered at our usual haunts.

Many will know of the trend that has emerged around the world of combining “superfoods” into a bowl and presenting them in beautiful, Instagrammable ways. That’s exactly where Aloa Poke steps in and, whilst other restaurants do serve these “superbowls”, this is the first restaurant in Tirana to dedicate its menu to the movement.

Having been in Albania so long, (I’ve seen the idea on Instagram 🙈) this was our first time actually experiencing this style of restaurant. Despite having no idea what we were doing, we decided to go with the option of selecting our own ingredients and inventing our own “superbowl” according to our tastes.

Although it took quite a while for our bowls to arrive at our table, ready for us to much on, we actually didn’t mind the wait in this instance as we had plenty of time – and plenty of gossip – to catch up on. Waiting with trepidation to see whether we had created delectable dishes or a culinary monstrosities, we were very excited to see the beauty of the bowls when they arrived. Turns out we both did a great job in engineering our superbowls to be tremendously tasty!

The dining area of the restaurant is beautifully designed and decorated. Despite the weather outside being miserable on the day we whined, wined and dined, inside felt warm, friendly and comfortable. Certainly an enjoyable dining experience overall with two satisfied customers!

Aloa Poke – ✪✪✪✪

Cuisine: Superbowls, Healthy, Vegetarian

Opening Hours: Tuesday to Sunday; 10am to 11pm

Best Dish: Build-your-own bowl


+355 67 739 5488


Rruga Njazi Demi

Tirana e Re

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