Bella Napoli

If I had a dollar for every time someone asked me where they could find good pizza with a thick, soft, doughy crust, I would be one very rich lady. Mostly in Tirana, you’ll find the opposite, a very thin, crispy crust pizza, but Bella Napoli is a point of difference.

Coming very highly recommended from a number of people, I decided to give their pizza a try for myself. Upon arrival, I was immediately impressed by their dining area. It has such a homely feel, like you’re at your friends holiday villa sitting around having a jovial evening together. There is a definite ‘cozy’ vibe to the place. Oh, and I’m sure many readers will be pleased to know that the restaurant doesn’t allow smoking, even in the ‘terrace’ area, so diners can enjoy their meal without the accompanying passive smoke that tends to be provided free of charge.

Having only heard people rave about their pizza, I was suprised to find that the menu includes a large variety of other Italian flavoured options, such as appetizers, pasta, risotto and mains. There are a few desserts listed as well. Of course, I was here for pizza so that’s what I opted for.

This was definitely unlike others I have tried, with a base that I can only best describe as being a similar consistency, texture and flavour to that of Turkish bread. Whilst it’s not the style of pizza I personally prefer, I can certainly understand why there is such a buzz for this place.

Now maybe I’m just showing how much of a ‘Gjirokastritja’ I am here, but I have to say I was a little shocked at the price point! Whilst there are a few exceptions (such as a Margherita), you’ll be paying between 700 and 1000 ALL per pizza here – which are of average size. I’d suggest you REALLY need to favour this style of pizza to warrant the value as worthy. The wine was great value though at just 300 ALL for a glass the size of my head. There is a wide range of beers available as well, including non-alcoholic beer.

On a final note, the service was EXCELLENT! I was promptly greeted with a menu, asked if I’d liked the heater turned on, drink order taken, when the drinks arrived the waiter took my food order and about 10 minutes later my pizza arrived. I watched as the staff swiftly accommodated to other tables and immediately cleared and reset tables upon the guests’ departure. They even ensured they opened the door and wished me well upon exit – super warm and friendly from start to finish!

Bella Napoli– ✪✪✪✪

Cuisine: Italian, Pasta, Pizza,

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday; 10am to 11pm

Best Dish: Pizzas


+355 69 601 1117


Rr Liman Kaba

Komuna e Parisit

(Opposite Dinamo Complex/Olympic Park)

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