Chakra Jone

If you are a big fan of spicy food, you won’t find a lot to suit your tastes in Albania. Although peppers are an integral ingredient into any dish, they are usually not of the variety to carry particular spice. Even the few Mexican (or more accurately, Tex-Mex) restaurants will offer meals with a significantly reduced heat level to that of its original counterpart.

You might be surprised to find a good Indian restaurant in Tirana, but alas such a place does in fact exist in the form of Chakra Jone. Not only is it a good restaurant, it’s the only Indian restaurant in the city. This could lead you to think that they would skimp on quality, but you, like us, would be pleasantly surprised! Just don’t arrive at the restaurant expecting to feel like you are in India as in that case, the atmosphere is sure to disappoint.

The menu is extensive and offers all your international Indian favourites including a large variety of kinds of meat, as well as a LOT of vegetarian options. The tastes are as authentic as you will get outside of India and there are even a few other popular Asian dishes available.

You’ll be given a choice in the spice level of your dishes, allowing the menu to be customised to all tastes. Very important as this means everyone can enjoy a meal with what are unusual but very pleasant tastes in comparison to local cuisine.

When it comes to drinks, try a “lassi”, an Indian style smoothie that balances out the flavour of the food beautifully, especially if you do choose to add a bit of spice to your lunch or dinner. The alcoholic options don’t offer anything particularly Indian as far as we could tell, but the house wine was enjoyable.

Whilst I didn’t have a great deal of conversation with the staff, they were pleasant enough during all interactions. Food was delivered at a reasonable pace given its freshness. Overall, I really enjoyed my experience at Chakra Jone and can recommend this as a great place to try Indian cuisine for the first time, or for those just looking for a some variety from the dominance of Albanian and Italian kitchens.

Chakra Jone – ✪✪✪✪

Cuisine: Indian, South-East Asian

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday; 11am to 11pm

Best Dish: Palak Paneer


+355 67 200 5222

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