El Gaucho

Receiving many accolades amongst the expatriate community, I was keen to find out what all the fuss was about when it comes to this Argentinian steakhouse, the first of its kind in Tirana.

Tis the season to be jolly!

Upon arrival, I was immediately impressed with the lighting and decorations, bearing in mind I was dining during the festive season.

The menu here is focused on meat, as would be expected from a steakhouse! I felt a bit overwhelmed as the explanations were lacking, although I am sure the friendly staff would have been more than happy to explain and answer any questions had I needed them to. Instead, I was immediately drawn to the degustation menu and that was what we ordered.

This is a unique restaurant style for Tirana and niche markets often have a relative price tag attached. El Gaucho is no exception to this rule and it’s on the pricier side (the wine list was the most extensive and the most expensive I have EVER seen in all my years in Tirana!), however I have to say that at 3,400 ALL per person, the degustation menu is good value!

This is just the beginning…

First up for the degustation menu were the appetizers, included a range of butters with bread and tasting plate consisting of an empanada, beef carpaccio and chorizo. For me, the beef carpaccio was the standout and the empanada filling was really flavorsome, whilst the chorizo was a tad too spicy for my liking. This was followed by a very disappointing pasta dish that looked like something I might make when I’m feeling lazy. Then came the star of the show, the prime cuts of perfectly cooked tender steak with deliciously cripsy roast potatoes! Thankfully I hadn’t wasted my time with the pasta and still had the perfect amount of room to enjoy the meat and even a bit of the super-sweet churro dessert!

We were served by numerous wait staff over the course of our meal, who were all extremely pleasant were comfortable speaking to us in both Albanian and English. They were quite attentive with our water and wines and service was always with smile 😄.

Overall, I’d say for those of you living in Tirana, this is definitely a dining experience worth having – particularly if you are celebrating a special occasion (as was the case for me).

Have you already been to El Gaucho? What are your thoughts?

El Gaucho – ✪✪✪✪

Cuisine: Argentinian Steakhouse

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday; 11am to 11pm

Recommended Dish: Degustation Menu


+355 69 609 8888

Rruga Mustafa Qosja

Tirana e Re

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