It must be said that it is great to have such an active community of people online who just love talking about Albania! After mentioning I was looking for the best pasta in town, a complete stranger suggested Fraterie. I’d walked past this restaurant many, many times without venturing in and thanks to this kind internet stranger with a keen appetite, I was pushed into going inside. THANK YOU, O INTERNET ACQUANTAINCE!

I’ll be honest, I was here for pasta and pasta only, so I only skimmed through most of the menu, but they do have offerings for all your typical Italian courses and from my experience with their pasta, I will certainly be back to try a broader variety of their dishes.

Going along with the server’s recommendation that we take a salad first, we were absolutely blown away with the piece of art that arrived at our table. It was, quite literally, the most beautiful salad I have ever seen. I gasped and awed at this magestic salad as I took a million photos of it and immediately sent it to anyone in my recent contacts list. Unfortunately for me, I’m not a fan of blue cheese which happened to be the salad’s flavour of dressing. Nevertheless, I appreciated it all the same.

The next course was even more exciting than the last. With three of us there, we were able to try a number of different pasta varieties. Even still, I opted for the “Tris Pasta” plate, with three different styles of smaller portions plated up in an appropriate serving for one person. The capesetti with chicken nearly made me cry tears of joy, it was genuinely that good. I made sure everyone at my table had massive food envy of my dish.

Quite often I’m rather disappointed by desserts. So much so that I usually don’t order them, despite being a MASSIVE sweet tooth! Let me tell you, I’m not even embarrassed to act like a cat and lick my plate clean of that delicious chocolate souffle! Also, I got to try a new dessert that I have never even heard of and will have to Google right now to get the name because I can’t remember it exactly (I’m going to google Miglefolie… oh, I wasn’t too far off!). Ah yes, of course, it was Millefoglie! Absoutely delicious in all its custardy glory!

Most of all though, what really surprised me, was how BEAUTIFUL the restaurant is inside! There’s such a sweet, but romantic vibe about this place! The ambiance is so versatile too, I could comfortably recommend it to couples, friends, families; be it for a special occasion or a casual get-together. Gratefully so, as I intend

Gratefully so! As intend to try and find as many opportunities to return and try more of their

Fraterie– ✪✪✪✪✪

Cuisine: Italian, Fresh Pasta

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday; 12pm to 11pm

Best Dish: Freshly made raviolis


+355 67 401 0403


Rr Bilal Golemi

Komuna e Parisit

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