I’ll never forget my first bite of a Golosa pizza. The way the combination of flavours exploded as the dough and toppings melted together in my mouth. I’m drooling right now on my keyboard as I think about. Ever since that day Golosa has firmly held the title for me as the BEST pizza in Tirana!

In the past I had only had delivery from here, but recently I had the pleasure of enjoying my pizza fresh out of the oven at their restaurant, hidden tucked away in a corner of the Galeria shopping centre on the North side of town. Thankfully, as I had NO idea they also made pasta too! The inside dining area is rather intimate providing less than tables, whereas the ‘outdoor’ terrace area is much larger.

Not only did popping my Golosa pizza cherry help me to better understand why this particular food is so famous and reknowned all over the world, but it was also the first time in my life that I was tasting truffle and actually enjoyed it. For this reason, I highly recommend the ‘Philadelphia’, however the Pizza Delicata is also right up there as one of the best! The ravioli with prawns was very tasty, too!

They won’t win the award for the cheapest pizzas in town, but with absolutely every option priced between 500 and 800 ALL (and for the quality and taste!) the value is more than satisficatory. Pasta prices are even better value, ranging from 250 to 600 ALL. But wait! There’s more! They also have couscous, risotto and main dishes for carnivores and pescatarians alike.

The wait staff were friendly and attentive, albeit a bit confused as to why I was ordering an entire pizza and a pasta dish (along with half a liter of the house wine) all to myself, but given that I’m tiny (barely over 150cm tall), I can’t really blame them! Seriously, their food is that good I’m willing to eat what I would normally do in a week everytime I visit.

My conclusion? THIS IS HANDS-DOWN THE BEST PIZZA IN TIRANA! If you haven’t tried the pizza, you are seriously missing out!!!

Golosa – ✪✪✪✪✪

Cuisine: Italian, pizza, pasta

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday; 11am to 11pm

Best Dish: Pizza Philadelphia, Pizza Delicata


+355 69 618 5800

Inside the ‘Galeria’ Shopping Centre

Rruga Barrikadave

Tirana Centre

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