Lenti’s Fish

Offering a beautiful view of the Dry Lake, new-kid-on-the-block ‘Lenti’s Fish’ is a welcome addition to the neighbourhood.

The venue boasts a large terrace right on the waterfront, whilst the indoor (and non-smoking) area is beautifully decorated and provides a more intimate dining experience.

This is a completely seafood menu (no meat options available) and the chef provides his assurances that he is focused on high quality, fresh ingredients. I was pleasantly surprised to see scallops (kapesante) on the menu – one of my favourite underwater delicacies and a rare find in Albania! However, the true highlight of my meal was the fish meatballs (qofte peshku), their light and fluffy texture perfectly balanced by the accompanying sauce. Detailed attention is given to the presentation of the dishes.

Much of the menu is priced by the kilogram, with other fixed options at reasonable prices such as pastas and risottos ranging from 400-1000 lek (€5-6). For three dishes and three accompanying glasses of the house white, the final bill came to just over €20 and the experience was definitely worth it!

Speaking of the house white, this was another standout at Lenti’s! Normally a red drinker, I find it difficult to get excited by white wines, but the bottle from which they served me was one of the best I have ever tasted. I’m kicking myself for not having asked what it was, but grateful for an excuse to return (I must have this information!)

When it comes to service, the first thing I noticed was the number of people buzzing around – and everyone looked busy! They had some large reservations by the look of the floor plan and seemed more than equipped to handle them. Multiple staff attended to me with great care through my dining experience and always with a smile.

Whether you’re just looking for some delicious seafood, wanting to take that special someone on a romantic night out, signing a major business deal or celebrating a birthday, I can confidently recommend Lenti’s Fish.

Lenti’s Fish – ✪✪✪✪✪

Cuisine: Seafood

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday; 12pm to 11pm

Recommended Dish: Qofte Peshku


+355 68 539 8370

Rr Hamdi Garunja

Liqeni i Thate