This new kid on the block opened at the start of this month, with the owner taking some inspiration from his former workplaces (one of the best restaurants in town) and adding his own style and flair. Let me tell you, he’s come up with a winning combination.

The menu consists of daily specials, regularly changing to ensure you do not get bored despite your regular patronage. There is a healthy mix of pasta, meat and seafood dishes – even some options for vegetarians!

Meals are prepared with ingredients not usually found in Albania and the mix of tastes in the meals give real depth to the food here. These chefs know what they are doing!

Food is presented beautifully, a point of high importance in the current Instagram-focussed world. Even the name, meaning “without fork” is turned into a novelty – be prepared to play hide and seek with this important eating utensil before your meal arrives.

Importantly, the food is good value, the ambience is both casual and formal thanks to the indoor and outdoor areas, and the service is impeccable. Welcome PaPirunj, Tirana’s culinary scene thanks you for your arrival!

PaPirunj – ✪✪✪✪✪

Cuisine: Modern European

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday,8am to 11pm

Best Dish: Ever changing, but pasta and steaks are always an excellent bet



Rr Mustafa Qosja,