Pasta Da Pucci

There’s no denying how much Albanian’s love all things Italian – language, fashion, football and of course, food! With so much Italian food available, it can be hard to find one place that’s truly exceptional.

Then you find Pasta Da Pucci. This hidden gem in the Dinamo Stadium neighbourhood is one of the best places for fresh, homemade pasta in all of the city. Head down the stairs and enter the warm, romantically-lit dining area with lots of little rooms for added privacy. The ambience makes this a great place for a special evening or first date.

Pasta is really the centre of the universe here, though there are some risottos and other dishes available. The menu changes regularly and is listed on a chalkboard which will be brought to you by your friendly waiter (don’t worry – the prices are listed!).

Salads are also excellent – I tried one with strawberries and walnuts and it was divine! There is a huge variety of pastas and although it’s not the cheapest place to eat, it’s good value for the quality. Expect to pay about 1200 lek (€9) per person including drinks. You might want to splurge a little more and get one of their delectable desserts, too!

There is a good wine list featuring international wines, mainly from Italy. The house wine is also nice at 350 lek per glass.

What makes this place really special is not only the ambience, but the excellent staff who provide the finest quality service. They are very knowledgeable about the food, well presented and appropriately available. If you are a pasta lover, you’ll really enjoy Pasta Da Pucci!

Pasta Da Pucci – ✪✪✪✪✪

Cuisine: Italian, Pasta

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday; 12pm to 11pm

Best Dish: Changes regularly. Ask the waiter!


+355 68 324 3730

Rr Mustafa Qosja

Stadiumi Dinamo