Don’t you just love it when you’re favourite restaurants receive the success they deserve?! That’s exactly how I feel about Pastaria, which, over the years, has grown to having three seperate locations across Tirana.

The expansion was necessary as the restaurant is SO popular for a number of reasons: the menu is extensive, offering something for everyone; the prices are quite literally INCREDIBLE value; attentive service with a smile (despite them being so busy all the time!); that you can ‘build you own’ pasta; and, of course, the fact that the pasta is just so, so tasty!

After deciding what type of pasta you would like, you will then find the sauces categorized for your convenience. Prefer a creamy pasta? Head straight to the relevant section. More of a pesto person? The ‘Green’ section is where you’ll want to read. There are so many options you’ll need to go back over and over and over again in order to really know which one is your favourite. I’ve dined here at least 50 times and I have not made my way through the menu, nor can I decide which is the best (I just like so many of them!)

Wine is served by the glass and it’s cheap and tasty. Salads are also on offer at the same great value. Other than that, be aware that this place is called Pastaria for a reason – because that’s exactly what it is! Pasta, pasta, pasta is the star of the show here!

With that in mind, if it’s pasta you’re craving I can absolutely recommend Pastaria as the number one choice in Tirana for its excellent value, vast varieties and consistency in delivering delicious dishes! Oh – and delivery is also available, so you can enjoy Pastaria from the comfort of your own home 😀😋

Pastaria – ✪✪✪✪✪

Cuisine: Pasta

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday; 11am to 11pm

Best Dish: Too many great pastas to choose from!


+355 69 379 4343

Location 1

Rr Sami Frasheri


Location 2

Rr Mustafa Matohiti


Location 3

Rr Urani Pani

Tirana Centre

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