When an Italian person tells you that a place has the best pizza in town, you listen! That was exactly my situtaion a few years ago when an Italian expat friend advised me I absolutely must check out the pizza at Pavarotti’s.

This is a huge sprawling restaurant seperated into different rooms to give diners a more intimate and private feel. The spaces are large enough to accommodate large groups and families – and it’s for the latter that this restaurant is even more highly recommended due to its excellent children’s play area (with full surveillance camera vision) and ability to accommodate even the tiniest of tots with high chairs, etc.

When it comes to the menu, this is a pizzeria and it is the round circular dough baked and adorned with your favourite toppings that is the one and only star of the show, although salads are also available if you feel so inclined. Whilst the ultra-flat crust pizza tends to be the most popular in Tirana, at Pavarotti’s you’ll find a fluffier, lighter base to your pizza pie.

Having tried a significant portion of their menu, I’ve determined my top three pizzas (in no particular order) as the ‘Salsiccia e Friarielli’, ‘Bacon’ and ‘Fileto Pule me Philadelphia’.

One drawback is that these pizzas do come at a premium and it is one of the more costly pizza establishments in the city. It’s good value if you dine in, especially if you have kids and can use the play area, however for delivery with the added charges I’m not sure it’s quite worth the price point.

In my experience the service has been a bit ‘hit and miss’. On some occasions I’ve been truly ‘WOWed’ by the level of attentiveness and genuine kindness. On other occasions I’ve endured lengthy waits and a cold reception. One thing I have always observed is that the staffing numbers seem appropriate for the level of business.

In summary, Pavarotti’s is up there with the best of the best when it comes to pizzerias in Tirana. If you are dining with children, it’s a pretty unbeatable choice.

Pavarotti’s– ✪✪✪✪

Cuisine: Pizza

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday; 7:30am to 11pm

Recommended Dish: Salsiccio e Friarielli pizza


+355 4430 1111

Rruga Shyqyri Brari

Kopshti Zoologjike

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