The Goat

This beautiful restaurant location has changed hands a few times over the past few years, but it seems like the latest installment, “The Goat” is cementing itself as the one that’s here to stay.

Focusing on bringing ‘flavours from home’ to the expat community and introducing the locals to the true flavours (and portion sizes!) of American cuisine. Here you’ll find a variety of Mac and Cheeses, hot dogs, burgers and my personal favourite, a true fish and chips that could satisfy even the most Bri-ish of the Brits. Their breakfast menu is one of the most extensive in town, too!

Calling itself a ‘gastro-pub’, The Goat offers a full bar and mixologist who can serve up some tasty cocktails. This is the perfect place to spend your Friday or Saturday night, when you can often also enjoy the live music. Reservations are recommended at weekends. The venue can also accommodate large group bookings and has often been a favored choice for a range of expat meetups.

Anytime a restaurant goes for a more ‘niche’ market, there is going to be a relative price tag attached to that and you’re definitely not going to find ‘The Goat’ on any of my best cheap eats lists anytime soon. Dishes here do come at a relative premium.

Whilst they do offer delivey, in my opinion this kind of food is always best when eaten fresh and for that reason I recommend dining in. Service was okay – I’m small so I guess I accidentally snuck in and sat down and it took a while for anyone to notice me, but once they realised I was there things improved.

Whether you’re an American expat desperate for an authentic taste of home, or just curious to try some of the dishes you’ve seen in your favourite movies or TV shows, The Goat is certainly capable of dishing up what you’re looking for!

The Goat – ✪✪✪✪

Cuisine: American, pasta, burgers, breakfast

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday; 7:30am to 11pm

Best Dish: Fish and Chips


+355 69 600 4628

Rruga Ibrahim Rugova


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