Whilst you might expect a restaurant named Tokyo to be just another restaurant in Tirana taking advantage of the sushi craze, actually this restaurant focuses on Italian fare – and the menu is really quite extensive! I first noticed this place on Instagram and then, as I was driving around aimlessly, I couldn’t help but notice what a great development has been made with Kompleksi Delijorgji and its hub of bars and restaurants. I scheduled a time in my agenda to head over to this part of town one night and check it all out.

There are two main sections to Tokyo – the restaurant and the coffee/desserts side. The tables and layout are different accordingly in order to make the experience more comfortable. I chose the restaurant dining area as I was planning to eat (and hopefully, a lot!). Oh – and they also have a “Kids Zone” for families.

Although it took a while for me to get any service, once the waiter realised I was there (I swear, I must sneak into restaurants like a ninja without realising it or something, because this happens a lot!) he was extremely attentive, with food and drinks brought out at lightning paces. All smiles and full of energy!

On my first visit to the restaurant I decided to go for something I felt I could evaluate well and ordered salmon pasta with broccoli in a creamy saffron sauce. The food came out really fast, suggesting to me that at least some elements are pre-prepared, but the taste of the dish was excellent. The broccoli had been broken down into really fine pieces so it had a lot of synergy with the sauce and they did not skimp on the salmon, making the price of the dish very reasonable.

Next time, I definitely want to sample a range of their desserts because they look genuinely AMAZING through their pictures. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the opportunity on this occasion, but I love a good reason to come back to places I like and will certainly update my review once I do!

Whether you live in the area or simply want to check out this lively neighbourhood to escape the usual Blloku spots, I can comfortably recommend Tokyo as a solid option!

Tokyo – ✪✪✪✪

Cuisine: Italian, risotto, pasta

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday; 7am to 11pm


+355 69 707 6536


Kompleksi Delijorgji

Rruga e Kavajes

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