One of the best things about Tirana is its juxtaposition of old-school communism and modern cosmopolitan. Nowhere is this essence better encapsulated than at Bunker1944. The cosy outdoor room and steps provide relief from the summer heat, whilst inside the real bunker vibe with exposed brick walls, antique furnishings and modern cocktails are a real … More Bunker1944

The Guilty

Not one of the best known venues, we often walked past The Guilty and thought it looked very interesting. It was their Instagram feed that really made us want to check it out, though. Their cocktails looked amazing in pictures and we are happy to say that they were just as good in real life! … More The Guilty


One of our favourite venues in the city, Colonial focuses on delivering delicious cocktails with interesting presentation. The same owner also has the restaurant behind, “Osteria”, which is also absolutely wonderful! Food is not available at the Colonial. We love that they have a large range of high quality liquors including many not found in … More Colonial

Pasta Da Pucci

There’s no denying how much Albanian’s love all things Italian – language, fashion, football and of course, food! With so much Italian food available, it can be hard to find one place that’s truly exceptional. Then you find Pasta Da Pucci. This hidden gem in the Dinamo Stadium neighbourhood is one of the best places … More Pasta Da Pucci

Birrari Ke Tori

Anyone on a budget, be you a local or foreigner, will appreciate a good ‘zgare’ (barbecue/grill house). Many locals will tell you that such a place cannot be found in the Bllok, but let us tell you they are wrong! Birrari ke Tori  is well known, though for some reason unbeknown to us, often overlooked. … More Birrari Ke Tori


We love Cheers Pub because not only is it a favoured hang out for the people living and working nearby, but the name also attracts many foreign visitors thanks to its familiar name inspired by the long running American sit-com. The venue describes itself as an Irish Pub and, we will concede, they do serve … More Cheers

Chakra Jone

If you are a big fan of spicy food, you won’t find a lot to suit your tastes in Albania. Although peppers are an integral ingredient into any dish, they are usually not of the variety to carry particular spice. Even the few Mexican (or more accurately, Tex-Mex) restaurants will offer meals with a significantly … More Chakra Jone


Until the recent arrival of the first KFC in Albania at the Tirana East Gate (TEG) shopping mall (and a second now in Blloku), there weren’t any major fast food chains present in the Albanian market. Having walked past the Blloku location numerous times and never seeing a customer present, it seems pretty clear that … More Kotec


Albanian cuisine basically includes meat, meat, meat, more meat and beans. OK, we’re exaggerating just a little bit, but after some time here you will certainly come to appreciate being served anything with vegetables a lot more! Thankfully, some modern, healthy eateries are starting to pop up throughout Tirana. This is one such addition and … More Greeny’s

Kafe e Pjekur

Just as important as meeting your friends at a local café is ensuring you have good quality coffee at home. As a traveller, you are often looking to keep costs low, so purchasing coffee to make at your hostel or AirBnB can be helpful. There’s plenty of places to buy coffee in Tirana, but there’s … More Kafe e Pjekur